Florida Oranges

So there is an Orange tree in my Back yard, and it is Full of Fruit. So This afternoon I decided to pick some and make some homemade Fresh Squeezed O.J. Well after fighting the Moss, bugs and palmetto bushes in the way to tree I picked about 8 that looked the best. (Which were still not like you see in the grocery store) . Ok so now I have my Oranges and go back in the house to make my Juice. First I put them all on the counter and play catch as they roll off in different directions. Once I get them to stay in one spot I pull out the juicer, a cutting board and knife. Next I begin to cut them and they are full of Juice and that Juice is Sticky. Anyway I cut them one half at a time and I let this wonderful little electric juicer whiz away. Well 5 Oranges down and I finally have one cup of Orange Juice. What is my point? Living in Florida must mean fresh oranges, right? Yes and No. Yes if you can get the trees to grow. But unless you just enjoy Bug Bites Brushes with the sharp points of the palmetto frond, and moss in your face (which carry chiggers but that’s another story) Then Living in Florida Happily means going to your Local Grocery Store and giving them your money for some OJ and enjoy it by sitting at your kitchen table looking out the window at the Pretty Orange tree saying to self “Not Today Buggies Not Today”

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